Grant Aims to Make HBCUs More Competitive in Research Ecosystem

MSM Senior Vice President for Research Dr. Rick Kittles discusses $14 million grant awarded to AUC by the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Rick KittlesDr. Rick Kittles
Senior VP for Research, ߣƵ

By LaShawn Hudson, WABE News

For Fiscal Year 2022, a federal report found that when it came to how much money universities nationwide spent on research, ߣƵ ranked 227th, Clark Atlanta University ranked 364th, ߣƵ College ranked 417th, and Spelman ranked 517th. Howard University appeared to spend the most on research among all HBCUs, ranking 186th.

On WABE's “Closer Look," Dr. Rick Kittles, the senior vice president for research at ߣƵ, discussed a new $14 million grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation.

The award is meant to provide more equitable funding to HBCUs competing in the research ecosystem. Atlanta’s Spelman College, ߣƵ, ߣƵ College and Clark Atlanta University are involved in the initiative.