How to Get Started

  1. Prospective Principal Investigators (PI’s) are to complete an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Application. Completed application is submitted to the attending veterinarian for a veterinary consultation one month prior to the desired review date.
  2. If prospective PI will be working with biohazards, they must receive Biosafety Committee Approval.
  3. If prospective PI will be working with radiation or radioisotopes, they must receive Radiation Safety Committee Approval.
  4. Prospective researcher contacts CLAR to register all prospective employees for the monthly orientation.
  5. Prior to attendance of the orientation session, all prospective personnel must complete the required paperwork (Occupational Health and Safety Clearance, Credentials Form and Badge Access Form) and all required Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) computer modules. Failure complete the pre-requisites may result and delay in orientation. 
  6. Once orientation is complete, all new personnel must complete the CLAR Tour and Animal Handling Training.
  7. If personnel will be providing anesthetics to research animals, they must register for Surgery Training with CLAR.
  8. During the monthly IACUC meeting, the protocol will be reviewed. All correction recommendations are communicated to the PI. All edits and training must be completed prior to approval.
Note: For the addition of new personnel to existing applications, all training must be completed prior to submission of a Modification Form.

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