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Win the Battle Against Asthma and Allergies

While there are many ways to treat symptoms when they occur, you can take preventive steps to reduce the likelihood of an attack if you have asthma and to minimize the aggravation of allergic reactions. Read More

Weight-Loss Surgery: Benefits Beyond the Scale

More patients than ever are opting for bariatric surgery as a solution for obesity. Learn about the many conditions associated with obesity that can be effectively treated or even eliminated through weight-loss surgery. Read More

Research to Action:
Ariel Jordan, 3rd Year MSM Medical Student Seeks to Impact Quality of Life for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Patients

Ariel Jordan is a 3rd year medical student here at ߣƵ, leading a research and advocacy project assessing patient awareness of the Restroom Access Act. Read More

Lose Weight Without Losing Sight of Your Health

A brand new year and decade has arrived. However, at this moment, many of us are facing a very familiar problem: losing that extra weight gained during the holidays. Read More

Reshaping Lives: The Impact and Reach of Plastic Surgery

The conditions and challenges that plastic and reconstructive surgery can address is continuing to grow. In addition to repairing tissue damaged by trauma and illness, plastic surgery is delivering effective solutions in new areas and/or in areas that were traditionally considered to be the domain of other specialties. Read More

Sickle Cell Education and Research in Ghana

MSM medical student Samed Obeng shares his reflection on summer medical education abroad. Read More