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Six Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes

Regardless of your background, if you have a family history of diabetes, you should schedule a consultation or a physical exam with your doctor to talk about ways to prevent or to treat diabetes. Read More

Stay Proactive and Informed about Breast Cancer

It’s that time of year again—October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While there’s increased attention surrounding breast cancer this month, it’s always important to be in-the-know about the threats to black women, overall risk factors, and the importance of early detection any time of the year. Read More

Biotechnology: Transforming Life as We Know It

New discoveries in biotechnology are transforming life as we know it. That’s why it is no surprise our Masters of Science in Biotechnology students have internships at federal agencies, start-up incubators, and other top research institutions. Read More

Better Maternal Health Starts with the Heart

We are more aware today than ever that heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the U.S. However, research shows that women actually tend to be more anxious about getting breast cancer—even though heart disease kills as many as six times more women annually. Read More

Navigating and Treating Infertility

Encountering various obstacles to pregnancy is a fairly common issue for many couples. This struggle can be frustrating and often takes an emotional toll on couples trying to conceive. However, understanding and treatment of infertility have advanced greatly in recent years. Read More

Pursuing their Passions to Help Others: Reflections from Two Inaugural Physician Assistant Studies Program Students

Two new Physician Assistants Studies Program students, Brianna Cummings and Quaadir Otto-Smallwood, share their thoughts about the first month in the program. Read More